About Us


Who we are

Wilson Barca LLP was formed for the clients to remove all the complications they are in. Our mission is to provide results without compromise.

Our firm has been practising for more than 50 years now and we are one of the leading in the industry. We deal in varied fields and our property department alone deals with transactions worth about £100 million in a year.

Wilson Barca LLP was founded to provide first tier, proficient law firm services comparable to “big-law” without the high-money mark-up. We accomplish this task through a “cut fat but not muscle” mode of operation. We hire solicitors and attorneys that have excelled in their previous law firms and matriculated to the top of their classes. The expertise of our people is our “muscle.” These elements allow us to provide first tier law firm work product and services in every instance. Yet, you will not find the added frills and shows as of a big city firm. These elements are the “fat” that we have cut.

Wilson Barca LLP serves clients with the highest level of work and advice with the best and effective cost structure.

Wilson Barca LLP can promise its client that they can benefit from the deep and varied knowledge of our professionals and get their queries solved in timely manner. We give our clients the combined skills, experience and expertise of a team of lawyers, each with specialised training and skills, supported by a team of helpful and knowledgeable staff and the information technology and other services used by a first class modern law firm.

We have cast off the frills of big-firm practice and have focused on the essential elements that add value to our relationship: top quality work product, responsive service, state-of-the-art law firm technology and a team of deeply experienced professionals. By offering expertly tailored services that precisely meet your needs and respect your budget, Wilson Barca LLP offers services without compromise.

More about us

Wilson Barca has two offices, in the West End at Carlisle Street in Soho London W1, and in North London a few stops up the Northern Line at Archway London N19. Wilson Barca is a trading name of Wilson Barca Limited Liability Partnership registered number OC312483. We have an eye to expand and planning to do this in near future.